Many other people served with, came in contact with or played some role in the lives of these four men during their time of service. This incomplete list covers just some of them.

  1. Pte. Henry Kent (29453), 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
  2. Pte. George Cooper (32569), 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, C Company.
  3. Col. Alexander Milne-Thomson, RAMC. ADMS, 50th Division.
  4. Nurse Louisa Constance Colt-Williams, French Red Cross.
  5. Capt. R.J.P. Hewetson, 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
  6. Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm (263049), 5th Northumberland Fusiliers.
  7. Pte. Syd Caine (2680), 1/9th Manchesters.
  8. Pte. Percy Wheldon (307460), 1st Sherwood Foresters.
  9. Pte. Thomas Knight (68069), RAMC.
  10. Pte.  Albert Hooley (67017), RAMC.
  11. Pte. Ernie Leppard (46937), RAMC.
  12. Lt. Col. Doctor Herbert Wade.
  13. Major Michael Henry Connery.
  14. Major Richard Bottomley Nowell.
  15. Captain John Alfred Dearden.
  16. Major Thomas Egbert Howorth.
  17. Captain Harold Sugden.
  18. Captain Frank Hamer.
  19. Captain Thomas Albert Platt.
  20. Captain Frank Woodhouse.
  21. Captain George Harold O’Kell.
  22. Captain Frederick William Kershaw.
  23. Capt. Eric Richardson.
  24. Lt. Frederick Arthur Makin.
  25. Lt. George William Handforth.
  26. Lt. Henry Chorlton Shaw.
  27. Lt. Robert Gartside Wood.
  28. Lt. William Thomas Forshaw.
  29. Lt. Thomas Grimshaw Hyde.
  30. Lt. James Alfred Parker.
  31. Lt. William Hampson Lillie.
  32. Lt. Oliver Jepson Sutton.
  33. 2/Lt. Hugh George Shatwell.
  34. 2/Lt. John Mayall Wade.
  35. 2/Lt. Phillip Sidney Marsden.
  36. 2/Lt. Harold Edward Butterworth.
  37. 2/Lt. Charles Earsham Cooke.
  38. 2/Lt. Albert Edward Stringer.
  39. 2/Lt. John Broadbent.
  40. 2/Lt. Fred Jones.
  41. 2/Lt. Allan Harrison Hudson.
  42. 2/Lt. John Matley Robson.
  43. 2/Lt. Arthur William Field Connery.
  44. 2/Lt. Walter James Ablitt.